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It is a crucial strategic plan of Paradox Studios to create and market shortform content

Paradox Studios a pioneer and early believer in short form content and developed a cutting edge expertise in the short form genre and alongside partner ILBE is in development and production of a multi-episodic short form series based on the film Arctic Justice and through its subsidiary ShortArt in a multi-episodic short form series based on the Arctic Justice spinoff characters Puffins.



We are proud to share our last productions:



Puffins Impossible follows the adventures of four superhero puffins. With the assistance of their mentor, Johnny Puff, they protect Taigasville from problems caused by the villainous engineer Otto von Walrus.


Starring Johnny Depp



Puffins follows the adventures of a bunch of funny little birds, minions of the sly walrus Otto. Main characters of the series are five Puffins: Johnny Puff, two males, Tic and Tac, and two females, Didi and Pie.


Starring Johnny Depp



The Series continues with the exciting adventures of Swifty, the arctic fox who has finally achieved his dream job; becoming the best delivery fox of the "Arctic Blast Delivery Service". With the help of his best friend, PB the polar bear, Jade the resourceful red fox and the rest of the ABDS team, they are ready and determined to finish their deliveries. Constantly blocked by the nasty porpoise mastermind, Dr. Otto Van Walrus and his tricky puffins, Swifty must outrun and outsmart these villains to make sure no parcel gets left behind!